Ivo Automotive always puts their clients in first place by respecting their needs and priorities before all else. That is the image created and maintained by this company.
Efficiency and professionalism are the words that best describe our methods of operating our business. Every order that arrives at our office is promptly taken care of with the help of a computerized catalog that is updated on a daily basis. Service pic 2 Thumb

Controlling product quality and customer satisfaction is our first priority. All customers must get exactly what they ordered and we always provide them with full service.

If a client requests a rare piece of equipment that is no longer available in the market and is no longer in stock, the client can rest assured that we will find it for him or her. In these cases, our vast experience helps us a great deal to track these rare items down.

If you are in the business of reconstructing alternators or motors, we will help make your life easier by supplying you always on time with all the needed materials.